Pro-Flow ™

Go with the flow!

Pro-Flow™ is a controlled density fill for backfill projects.

  • Pro-Flow® is a series specialty mixes designed to replace conventional compacted back-fill.
  • Fast set times, even in cool, wet soil conditions lead to more efficient construction schedules.
  • Designed to reduce labor costs. No compaction required
  • Final product cures softly to ensure material is removable in the future with traditional excavation equipment.
  • Excellent stability for even tough pumping demands. Designed to be flowable, cohesive and non-bleeding.
  • Flowability allows for ease of placement and compaction in areas where standard back-fills simply cannot be used (i.e., pipes, cables, congested foundation areas, etc.)

Pro-Flow™ is a CDF (controlled density fill or flowable fill), a low strength fill that hardens and develops into an excellent load-bearing soil. It is usually comprises combinations of cement, fly ash, water, and fine aggregate.

CDF mixtures have numerous applications including bedding and backfill for utility trenches, paving sub-base, bridge abutment, and retaining wall backfill. It may also used in other void-filling applications such as abandoned tanks, tunnels, and sewer or water lines.