Synthetic Fibers such as our FiberCon™ Regular, when added to concrete, may eliminate the need for a welded wire reinforcement.  Our FiberCon™ Stealth helps control plastic shrinkage cracking that can occur during the concrete curing process. Both of these products reduce the square foot cost of your area compared to traditional welded wire fabric reinforcement. Synthetic Fibers also provide better impact resistance, abrasion resistance, reduce cracking, and provide an increase in flexural strength.

Our FiberCon™ Steel Fibers are a way for engineers and contractors to attain the structural reinforcement they need while saving time, money, and work related injury claims. FiberCon™ Steel Fibers may reduce the square foot cost of your area compared to traditional rebar reinforcement or welded wire fabric reinforcement.

Ferndale Ready Mix & Gravel, Inc. has replaced over 1,000,000 square feet of traditional steel reinforcement with our FiberCon™ Steel Fiber line. Traditional steel reinforcement as dense as a #4 rebar at 12 inches on center mat has been completely replaced with our FiberCon™ Steel Fiber. A blend of our FiberCon™ Steel Fiberalong with our FiberCon™ Stealth, create the structural reinforcement that is required while improving impact and abrasion resistance, reduction of plastic shrinkage cracking, and providing an increase in flexural strength.

Similar to our FiberCon™ Steel Fiber line is our FiberCon™ Structural Synthetic Fiber line. Our FiberCon™ Structural Synthetic Fiber line is comprised of a structural synthetic fiber that provides engineers and contractors an alternative method to attain equal or improved structural reinforcement without the use of traditional steel. While saving time, money, and work related injury claims, FiberCon™ Structural Synthetic Fibers will provide your commercial or industrial use slabs with a high impact and abrasion resistant lifecycle.

LEED friendly mixes are available upon request. LEED mixes may be used in residential or commercial projects to improve your project’s impact upon our environment.