DrainX ™

When it's's draining!

Storm Water Management  DrainX™helps maximize your land use as it can eliminate the need for a detention vault while providing a durable, long lasting driving surface. Low Impact Development (LID)  DrainX™naturally recharges the ground water table, conserves or eliminates water runoff from your site, and protects our streams from contaminates.

DrainX™ is a pervious concrete with 15% to 25% void space. The voids are produced through the elimination of the fine aggregate generally found in typical concrete mixes. It is placed with specialized paving equipment and it is required that a pre-qualified installer is used when placing it. Because of its low impact on the environment, pervious concrete may contribute toward LEED certification points. Pervious concrete driveways and parking lots allow rainwater back into the ground. Property owners and developers can also reduce runoff fees and enhance their bottom line by using pervious concrete because less site infrastructure is needed to handle rainwater runoff.

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DrainX™ may be stained or colored to enhance its overall appearance.

LEED friendly mixes are available upon request. LEED mixes may be used in residential or commercial projects to improve your project’s impact upon our environment.