Keep It Together

CrackGuard® concrete is a crack resistant, low shrinkage concrete mix that is available in two program levels.

CrackGuard® concrete offers a solution to typical drying and shrinkage problems without any special placing or finishing. Ideal for commercial, industrial and residential slabs, CrackGuard® concrete can provide as much as 60% reduction of shrinkage at 28 days when compared to standard mixes.

Typical Applications

  • High performance industrial floors
  • Parking garage decks
  • Bridge decks
  • Toppings and overlays
  • Swimming pools
  • Containment structures
  • Water treatment structures
  • Architectural concrete
  • Residential slabs

Performance Characteristics

Superior Finish

  • Reduced cracking
  • Reduced curling
  • Improved flatness and appearance
  • Increased joint spacing possible

Cost Effective

  • No special placing or finishing required
  • Reduced call backs
  • Provides the opportunity to increase joint spacing resulting in reduced joint maintenance
  • Lower overall lifecycle costs

2 Program Levels

  • Level 1 mixes include an optimized mix design, a controlled water/cement ratio and the addition of a shrinkage reducing admixture
  • Level 2 mixes include an optimized mix design, a controlled water/cement ratio, the addition of a shrinkage reducing admixture plus fibers to further reduce random cracking

concrete shrinkage performance chart

Control of Cracking

“Cracking of concrete due to drying shrinkage is a subject which has received more attention by architects, engineers and contractors than any other characteristic or property of concrete. It is one of the most serious problems encountered in concrete construction.”

Choose CrackGuard® Level 2 to further reduce random cracking

Product Specifications

  • Various strengths: 3,000 to 6,000 p.s.i. in 28 days
  • Variety of aggregate sizes available
  • 3” to 8” slumps ( 4” + slumps achieved with superplasticizer)


  • A wet curing period of 7 days at > 50° F.

LEED friendly mixes are available upon request. LEED mixes may be used in residential or commercial projects to improve your project’s impact upon our environment.