Industrial/Commercial Concrete

Ferndale Ready Mix & Gravel, Inc. continues to be the primary supplier of the industrial/commercial concrete needs within Whatcom County. From 200 yd3 to 25,000 yd3, our three batch plants are strategically located to provide quick service to meet the needs of any project located throughout our service area.

Each of the major industrial complexes in Whatcom County have mix designs approved from Ferndale to use as foundations, slabs, fireproofing, pilings, or any other miscellaneous usage at their facilities. Our concrete has proven to be consistent, durable, and of high strength.

The 3,000 p.s.i. to 6,000 p.s.i. non-air entrained industrial concrete mix designs we have developed have achieved a Standard Deviation of 308 while our air entrained mix designs have achieved a Standard Deviation of 417. Our industrial/commercial mix designs meet the requirements for ASTM, ACI and the IBC. We have mix designs ranging from 100 p.s.i. CDF (flowable fill) to a 10,000 p.s.i. for special high strength needs.